Buckle Up for the Dream Ride.

Would it be fair and reasonable, in any way shape or form, to do a psycho-analytic hatchett job on a 5,000 year wide swath of history on the basis of a few preeety snippety bits of arbitrarily and ,in fact, totally subjectively juxtaposed material?

Of course not…

Waal, lets go ahead and do it anyway…

You.. can’t, you’re er.. unqualified..

Unqualified and under resourced, baby.

Its grandiose, unproffessional and frankly narcissistic!

Yep, but as a wise ol’ dude once told me, the secret of transformation is to do deliberatly that which you used to do unthinkingly. So, buckle up.

I just know I’m going to regret this.

Seriously, we all know that repeating dreams are extremely important. Its a kind of code for everything you need to know about what’s going on. I had a repeating dream once, for decades, in fact, dark pools, truncated boys, half men.

So now we’re talking about you. I thought we were going to swarm through history interpreting humanity a millenia at a time. Is there a flourish that goes with that?

I’m getting there. Do you wanna hear the story or not?

Another interminable rant…

If you like…so…

… tell the fucking dreams.

Ok, so I found a number of references to the cutting down of sacred trees. Gilgamesh, having been told to by god in a dream, sets the scene with the destruction of the cedar forest of humbaba , and using them as a piece of sympathetic magic, as a part-object, to guard his now sacred walls.

He appropriates the divine feminine rather than having a relationship with Her. He builds Her into him (the gates), his very own great and divine pussy portal through which the solar hero journeys in and out at will, his womb of a city in which his mind might flourish but his heart will stiffle.

You were talking about trees, come on, focus.

Ok, yeah, Nebuchadnezzar…

You wot?

He was also a great king who had a dream about a tree….

Neb’ was a real firebrand, having been tied to the Assyrians skirts in vassalage for 300 years he bust loose and cut a great chunk out of the known world, arriving, for our purposes, at the temple of David bearing matches….and kerosene.

Had no kerosene in those days, mon.

Waal, the local equivalent. And it was like 9/11 except that you were surrounded, and Neb himself was driving down Broadway in a military RV.

Ooops. So what was his dream?

He dreamt that God told him to chop down the tree of life and he did.

Oh fuck, that is not a good thing, dude.

No, and having realised his kingly ambitions and smiting his way across the known world he went mad and lived in the desert for seven years eating grass.

Wylasha! So, what happened in the end?

The new regime that rebuilt the temple were mates of Neb whose very name means ‘descendant-of-Nabu-son-of-the-goddess-associated-with-her-untimely-ahem-demise.’ Thereafter the two guilded wings of the Arc of the Covenant were interpreted as male and female aspects of Yahweh and NOT the male and female personified by Hokmah and Yahweh before Neb’s invasion, an interpretation being pushed for by King Hezekiah the previous incumbent of Jerusalem who also had a thing for cutting sacred trees down, namely all groves within a days walk of the city gates so that you couldn’t go worship and still be home for tea.

So what was his fate?

Dunno, but i do know what happened to my mate K——, who dreamt he chopped down a great tree…..


Well he kindly trashed my place, turning it into a kind of post modern installation, so I chucked him out but went round to his place very early the next morning ‘cos I was worried about him. I found him standing naked, knee deep in confetti having spent the whole night shredded every book in the house.

Not with iron rods!

No, not with iron rods, but with a can of kerosene in one hand and a box of matches in the other.

Booyakashar! Shouldna chopped de tree, mon.

Yeah, it was a padded cell for him for a while.




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