Not in my Name.

War is funded by those who profit, not only from the sale of arms, but from the new opportunities that emerge as a result of war; contracts for re-building, user-friendly puppet governments, aid packages with lots of small print and..


Of course, you can’t go to the public and say, ‘ look here, bit delicate, we need to mug someone, smear his name and beat hell out of him for his lunch money.’ It doesn’t have quite the right ring to it.

Its… uncivilised.

Fortunately, the profiteers have the advantage that we are easily lied to. The collective delusional belief in our superiority leaks over into the fantasy of what great judges of character we are. We can’t be fooled. No Sir! You have to get up pr’itttty early in the morning to put one past John Bull.

We believe politicians only tweak the truth. We pick our news channels according to what we want to hear. We are not informed by the media, we are vindicated by it. Whether it is real or not is garnish to the main course, which is that we are confirmed in our opinions.

This leads to some peculiar exchanges, chillingly demonstrated in a discussion I recently followed between a Syrian and several western commentators who spent their entire time, not enquiring, not wanting to know, but denying that he could possibly know what was happening despite the fact that he was there, on the ground, in his own country.

It turns out we have been told a terrible lie….

A recent press conference at the UN of the US Peace Council (9/8/16) said unanimously that the war in Syria is not a Civil war at all and that there is no grounds whatsoever for interfering in the sovereign affairs of a democratic country.

Just as there were never any Weapons of Mass Destruction in the time of Saddam, so too, are there no chemical weapons attrocities in Syria. It was a lie, a pretext for invasion. Why change your gambit when it has proved so successful under similar circumstances that, even when the lie is out, no-one is made to pay for it?

What has been sold to us as ‘regime change on humanitarian grounds’ is actually the unlawful invasion of a sovereign nation by gangs of armed mobsters including yours truly. The Council, independent observers from many walks of life, say that ‘Islamisation’ is low on the list of insurgent priorities. Its a land grab and we Westerners have both our hands stuffed in the pie.


Just prior to Assad’s supposed attrocities, crimes sufficient to warrant the removal of a democratically elected Head of State, a Saudi/Turkish/Quatar delegation approached him about building a pipeline from the ‘South Pars’ natural gas fields, largest in the world, across Syria to serve the wealthy European market. Assad said no, prefering a deal with Iran.

The Saudis were very miffed and sought out their Western client’s help to topple him, help they were only to pleased to give.

Its not about preventing atrocities, or ‘barrel bombs’, or Islamisation, its about 51 billion cubic metres of natural gas.

We’re gullible. I’m gullible. Somewhere in Faraway land there is a wicked monster and we, the noble and virtuous, must go and save the people from it. But actually, we are the monster. And not just because we would slander some moderate nation to the point of justifying their pillage but because we’re doing it with the help of those we parade at home as our mortal enemies. Its a collective form of selling your soul to the devil.

Syria is the National equivalent of Standing Rock. No pipeline without our consent. Media silence about it is pepper spray.

Being ontologically split, being able to deceive and oppress for the others well being, is the collective adult expression of early cultural damage, of a rooting snout into the sacred space of mother/infant relations where we learn from touch and kinesthetic apperception how to be, what is right, how others are to be treated.

Erosion of the Principle of Relatedness, the embargo on touch, on intimacy, on holding, takes its toll not just on our feelings but on our values. That’s how come its so easy to be given a big stick and go crush others for their own good. The wound is overlain with a compensatory¬† vision of almost sublime identification with the Motherland instead. Not to mention promotion from citizen to patriot.

These Unheld go through life saddled with a chronic, unfulfilled yearning to belong. This yearning is so great, the need to be contained so strong, that we will often set aside our own instinctual selves, which can smell a rat and know what’s what, in order to acheive it. Its a kind of abdication of oneself, wanting to believe more than wanting to know. Needing to belong more than to become.

We white folks are poor judges of character. Centuries of thinking we already know the answer and are somehow at the peak of Darwin’s tree has made us soft, easy to manipulate, bereft of the knowing that might come from the hair on the back of your neck.

St Augustine was once asked,’ how can you tell saint from devil since one often comes as the other?’ he answered, ‘by the taste in the back of your mouth.’ But what if we have renounced such self-knowledge out of the unmet need to be belong to something that requires nothing of us?

This split from our own instinctual selves cuts us off from our gut feeling about what we’re told and what kind of people it is that are doing the tell. So we take candy off anyone and accept rides from strangers.

When I became part of ‘special’ forces, protecting ‘our way of life,’ it quickly became apparent to me that I was simply suppressing the local people whilst corporations ripped off the land. I was disgusted and had to buy my way out.

The Syrians are a bit more civilised. They even have a Ministry of Reconciliation, headed by Dr. Ali Haidar whose own son was killed in the fighting, facilitating the process of combatants changing their mind and laying down their arms.

Its the kind of cultural sophistication matched only by Nelson Mandela in recent times and yet Assad is portayed by the Western Media as a monster.

Of course our bombing of democracies has an infamous precedent so we should hardly be suprised and yet our incredulity at their wickedness is precisely what mass deception relies upon. In Feb 2015, a delegation of the American and Architects and Engineering Association met in Stockholm to present irrefutable evidence, signed by twelve hundred of their memebers, that 9/11 was an inside job.

Its almost inconceivable that a government could bomb its own people, let alone the democratic people of Syria. Yet perhaps once you’ve crossed that line everything is fair game which is, perhaps, the real object of the exercise.

Not to mention the opportunity to immediatly project what has been done on someone else and then go to war with them, something a perpertrator is compelled to do in order to suppress his own conscience.