On Trying New Things

Carpocrates was an old Greek philosopher whose contribution was essentially that wisdom lay in trying new things.

How trivial, oh those wily Greeks. Was he selling tonics as well?

Then I thought about it.

Arrrr, try my new hair tonic. Only 5 bucks a coptic jar..

that’s the Egyptians..

what’s the Greek then?


5 bucks an amphora…..

As soon as we try new things, they spontaneously..

4 bucks an amphora….

..create inner dialogue between the now ‘old self’ and the new experience.

3 bucks an amphora….

Its not just a new thing its a new self….

No-one wants my frikkin hair tonic..

Be more persuasive, get their attention. You know, work the audience…

How do you do that then?

I dunno. Be Charismanic..  The conversation between I and me is kickstarted into life by the new thing. The encounter grows us, challenging our preconceptions and seducing us into the unknown.

hard as a rock tonic for you-know-what 50 bucks an amflora…

We get re-invented in the process.

Stand back please, one at a time.

That’s why just trying new food can be nerve wracking. It takes us out of our comfort zone and may require a bit of prodding and anxious speculation before we actually take a bite.

Form an orderly queue please…

I recall the expression on the face of a babe the first time he was given anything but breast milk, a drop of warm carrot juice on the tip of a finger. It was such a horrible ecstasy.

Now, madam, thats no way to behave….

we want it, but its intrusive.

Sales now limited to one amplora per person, stand back sir….

and life will never be the same.

No, I won’t trade for your donkey….

and so there is much loss

Or what you learned on the way….

closing doors

go on, you should be asham… oh forget it.

and goodbyes.

I need a new line of business.

Trying new things is tougher than it looks.

Oh, you shouldn’t be afraid to try new things…!

Well, that’s what they say, but actually new things are scary as hell and for a good reason.

scardy cat scardy cat

The Greeks still had the divine feminine, which meant that mothering was sacred. This means that the mother/baby bond has spiritual containment which the child won’t then need to spend the rest of his life trying to replicate.

I didn’t understand a word of that.

It goes without saying that if the Principle of Relatedness is held in high esteem then different parts of the psyche will be tolerant of one another, like nobles of a land all being really good mates.

straight over my head, whoosh..

Where the Principle of Relatedness is devalued we stifle the inner conversation, weaken the nobles ties and render the land open to invasion.

that doesn’t sound good…

Our Ground dries up and cracks..

oh dear..

When Yahweh casts Hokmah/Wisdom/ the Whore of Babylon into the sea in bits in Revelations he’s doing more than getting a divorce.

this is not going to be a happy thing…..

He’s also blighted her with a nasty disorder..


No, a disorder of the soul. I can no longer talk to me and 1500 years later we can still get wet knickers over ‘I think therefor I am’, a millenial confirmation that mind and being are still identical and cannot remember their conversation.

but we’re alright…?





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